Last year, we asked people what they want to do as Greater Manchester Cancer Champions. The responses formed the following seven ‘calls to action’. New champions are asked to pledge to do one of these:

  1. 01 Learn more so I can talk confidently about cancer with friends and family
  2. 02 Raise awareness about the importance of cancer screening and encourage people to take part
  3. 03 Speak up about why people in my community are getting cancer and what we could do about it
  4. 04 Talk to people about how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent cancer
  5. 05 Use my experience as someone who had/has cancer, to support others who are living with and beyond cancer
  6. 06 Promote the involvement in services of the family and friends of people living with and beyond cancer
  7. 07 Encourage people in my community or workplace to become a cancer champion

These stories provide a snapshot of what inspires people to become involved, what they are doing as Cancer Champions, and how it feels to be part of a bigger movement to eradicate inequality in a generation’s time.

Our growing network of Cancer Champions is at the heart of our cancer prevention work across Greater Manchester