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Book onto one of our online training course to get the skills & knowledge you need to be an Answer Cancer Champion and start helping your community!

Training Courses

Training Videos

We have put together a number of training videos so you can still access our courses whilst socially distancing.

Training Videos

Online training modules

We offer a series of short online modules and quizzes to help you to find out more about Cancer Champions and help you decide what you can do as an individual Cancer Champion or as an organisation.

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This is a summary of our training offer. For further information or if you have a specific request, please get in touch.

We will provide training and support in a variety of ways. This includes online training, face to face training and signposting to other training.

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What training can I get?

Anyone living or working in Greater Manchester can access our training.
We will prioritise those communities who experience the biggest barriers
and tailor training opportunities for them.

  • Groups

    Any group wanting to book a session will need to provide access to a suitable venue. This can be discussed at the time of booking. Groups can book multiple sessions. We are especially keen to hear from groups who identify as one of the following: Carers, BME groups, people with disabilities (learning / physical / mental health) and LGBT groups.

  • Individuals

    We will add your details to our training register. When a session is taking place in your area, you will be notified and invited to attend. If you have internet access, you can also access online training and webinars when they take place.

  • Workplaces

    We can run sessions for your employees at your workplace. Any employer wanting to arrange a session for employees should contact us to discuss their requirements.

Engagement and Awareness Sessions - 'Talk Cancer'

Our Engagement and Delivery Team provide Cancer Research UK, ‘Talk Cancer’ engagement and awareness sessions to groups and workplaces within Greater Manchester.

These short engagement sessions are designed to help people understand and discuss general cancer awareness information, the importance of cancer screening programmes and early detection. We highly recommend these sessions as a first option for groups and individuals starting out on their cancer awareness journey. Sessions will be tailored to suit audience needs.

This interactive engagement session is 40+ minutes, dependent upon group needs.

Contact us about Engagement and Awareness Sessions

Cancer Screening Awareness Training

These short courses are designed to help you understand what cancer is, risk factors, signs and symptoms and how screening programmes work. Each session covers what’s involved, who’s eligible and what key messages work. They all focus on practical ways to use the learning.

There are three separate Cancer Screening Awareness courses. Each course is a one hour interactive session and can be tailored to suit different audiences.

  1. Bowel Cancer Screening Awareness
  2. Breast Screening Awareness
  3. Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness


Contact us about Cancer Screening Awareness Training

The Whole Works: Cancer Screening, Early Signs and Symptoms and Cancer Prevention Training

Cancer accounts for over a quarter (28%) of all deaths in the UK each year. One in two of us will be affected by cancer within our lifetime. Screening and early detection saves lives.

This session aims to increase your knowledge and understanding of cancer, the importance of cancer screening and how screening protects and saves thousands of lives each year. The training will equip you with the skills to promote positive health messages about cancer screening.

This training is a two and a half hour interactive session incorporating all three screening programme sessions.

Contact us about The Whole Works Training

Community Research Training

How do you know your activities are making a difference? How do you know ’what works’? How do you share your success with others and draw in more resource?

This course will equip you with the confidence and knowledge to answer these questions.

Although this session firmly focuses on cancer awareness, screening and prevention, it can be used across a wealth of health and well-being activities.

This interactive training is usually a full day (up to five hours) but can be adapted to a shorter session.

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Workplace Cancer Champion Training

This session is aimed at promoting cancer awareness and the importance of cancer screening within the workplace. This session will make links with workplace health and tailor practical approaches to workplace settings. You will also learn about the three screening programmes, eligibility, the benefits of early detection and how to share ‘key messages’ with others.

This is a one hour interactive session.

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How to be an AMAZING Cancer Champion (Voice for Change) Training

Social movements and successful campaigning have changed the lives of millions by fighting injustice and creating a better life for those adversely affected and unfairly discriminated against.

We think cancer is a social injustice. This course will motivate you to become a campaign leader and equip you with the confidence and skills to bring about lasting changes within your local community. Session content covers; social movements and successful campaigning, community activism, recruiting others, mobilising resources and targeting audiences.

This course will super charge your creativity in very practical ways!

This course is a four hour interactive session

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